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Bobby Davis affair dies update: Davis' kids 'physical' after dad's confession

Pastor Bobby Davis had an affair and died after coming clean about it with the congregation at his church. On March 15, Eurweb reported that Davis' kids were very emotional when they learned about their dad's affair. Apparently they "got physical" when they heard that their father, a man they knew to be holy, had stepped out on their mother -- whom he'd been married to for over 50 years.

"[A member of the church] said Davis confessed to his wife earlier, and she insisted that he tell the congregation. The revelation freaked out Davis’ children, who 'got physical,'" reports Eurweb.

Bobby Davis' affair confession came moments before he died. According to witnesses, Davis came clean last Sunday after mass. He asked churchgoers to stay and he opened up to them, hoping they would forgive him. Moments after he told them of his affair, he dropped to the ground, apparently suffering a massive heart attack. He was rushed to a hospital in Bridgeport, Conn. where he was pronounced dead.

It is believed that the stress of the affair contributed to Davis' heart attack. While many say that his death was a sign from God, others in the community are heartbroken that their pastor is gone and wanted him to know that they forgave him.

The story of Bobby Davis' affair and his death have gone viral mainly because of the irony. Check out the video above for more.

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