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Bobby Davis affair dies: Pastor dies when wife forces him to confess publicly

Bobby Davis shared an affair, dies in front of his congregation, and an investigation has been launched into the mystery of what killed Pastor Davis. “The circumstances are under investigation,” said police spokesman William Kaempffer who otherwise only confirmed that a detective has been assigned to the case, reported CTPost on March 13, 2014.

Bobby Davis affair dies: Pastor drops dead after confession, voices killed him?
Daily Mail

On Sunday, Bishop Bobby Davis, who had been the pastor of Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport in Connecticut since 1967, asked his congregation to stay after the service because he wanted to confess to something.

After confessing to his parishioners that he had an affair a “long time ago,” even though he had been married to his wife Christine for the past 50 years, the 72-year-old pastor dropped dead.

The investigation into the mysterious and sudden death of the pastor is trying to determine whether the pastor was killed by his own inner voice, by his wife’s voice (who allegedly pressured him into making the public confession), or by his parishioners’ voices.

"We were shouting, `We forgive you, we love you,' but the stress of all of it -- he had a heart attack," said an elder of the church. According to an eye witness, the yelling was so loud that it could be heard outside of the church.

In regard to Bobby Davis’ mysterious death after revealing his affair publicly, the Office of the State Medical Examiner said that while a heart attack is a possibility, the exact reason for the pastor’s mysterious death is still under review.

As more and more witnesses speak out about Bobby Davis' affair and his death, details are being revealed that Bobby Davis did not go to church on Sunday to confess the affair but that his wife met with church members in the sanctuary and told them about her husband's infidelity. "He wasn't there at the time, he was somewhere else apparently, neither of them were in the service that morning. They had one of their pastors do the service." After having been forced to confess his affair from a long time ago in front of his parishioners, Bobby Davis' children got quite physical with their father.

"It got physical. One of the sons attacked him. I was told one of the daughters poured water on him. It was like something out of, not even like the Old Testament, but a bad reality TV show," said one witness. "My heart is so devastated because it could have been handled in a private manner."

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