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Bobby Davis affair dies: Pastor dies of heart attack after admitting affair

Bobby Davis
Bobby Davis

In shocking news, Pastor Bobby Davis admitted to having an affair and then died of a heart attack shortly after it happened. On March 14, News Oxy shared the news about what happened to him. He admitted it to the entire Connecticut church.

Of course Bobby got a mixed response from admitting this news. He wanted to ask for forgiveness and thought it was a good idea to tell everyone the truth. People were shouting to him that they forgive him and are okay with it when he actually fell to the floor.

One person in the church says that Bobby didn't actually want to come clean about the affair. Once he told his wife about it she made him confess to the church though.

Bobby Davis actually founded this church. He was married to his wife for 50 years before his death. It appears that he died of a heart attack after falling to the ground after all of the excitement. They are still investigating his death at this time though.