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Bobby Davis affair dies: Pastor Bobby Davis admits adulterous affair, drops dead

Bobby Davis’ affair died with him Sunday at the Connecticut church he was pastor over, leaving his parishioners shocked and a little creeped out at what they believe may have been swift and divine retribution for the pastor’s illicit affair.

Pastor Bobby Davis from Connecticut, seen here with wife Christine of 50 years, rounded up his parishioners and confessed to having an affair, then dropped dead moments later from a suspected heart attack.

According to the Connecticut Post on March 13, 72-year-old Davis, pastor and founder of the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport, asked his churchgoing flock to remain behind so that he could unburden himself. Davis admitted to the congregation that he had committed adultery.

“After the service on Sunday, the bishop’s family asked us to remain in the church and the bishop confessed to us something that happened long ago,” parishioner Judy Stovall said. “He wanted to come clean with all of us. He wanted to ask our forgiveness.”

Davis reportedly dropped to his knees minutes after he made his confession.

“We were shouting, ‘We forgive you, we love you,’ but the stress of all of it — he had a heart attack,” Stovall said. “I held his head as he lay on the floor… Our congregation is hurting now.”

Davis, who had been serving the church since it was founded in 1967, was pronounced dead at Bridgeport Hospital. The Office of the State Medical Examiner has yet to indicate a cause of death, and the circumstances surrounding the pastor’s death are still under investigation. Video of the incident as taken by a member of the church is being reviewed.

“We responded to the church to assist medical treatment,” Bridgeport Police Department spokesperson William Kaempffer told the New Haven Register. “The patient was transported to Bridgeport Hospital where he subsequently passed. A detective has been assigned the case to determine what happened. An autopsy is scheduled for (Tuesday) to determine what happened. The circumstances are under investigation.”

One church member, who wished to remain anonymous, said Davis did not come forth with his confession on his own, but was compelled to do so by his wife, who insisted that he tell congregants. She said their congregation can’t help but wonder if there was divine intervention.

She also tells a different story as to Sunday's events and sheds light on details that other members of the congregation were unwilling to mention. Various news outlets are reporting that the family physically and verbally “coerced” the confession out of him. Per

The source said Davis’ wife forced him to air out his dirty secret.

She could be heard screaming at the man in order to make him confess otherwise she would tell everyone what she had discovered.

The insider went on to share that one of the sons hit the father while one of the daughters poured a glass of water of his head.

It appears that all of it took a toll on Davis who crumbled to the floor and died on the scene.

Davis had been married to his wife Christine, 69, for 50 years. The church website says that Christine is a “dynamic teacher whose style and wisdom compliments that of her husband to the extent that they almost always minister together in some capacity… She is a woman of prayer and the Word who believes that her first obligation of ministry is not to the local church or to the world, but to her husband and family.”

The couple have six children and eight grandchildren.

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