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Bobby Davis affair dies: Cheating pastor dies after affair confession

Pastor Bobby Davis admits to having an affair then dies after confessing to church parishioners in Bridgeport, Conn.

Bishop Davis asked parishioners to stay with him after a Sunday service at Bridgeport's Miracle Faith World Outreach church. As soon as the pastor admitted to cheating on his wife, he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Newser reports March 14 that parishioners were shouting at him that he had been forgiven, one of them said.

"We were shouting, 'We forgive you, we love you,' but the stress of all of it—he had a heart attack," he said.

A separate parishioner claims Pastor Bobby Davis confessed to the affair because his wife of 50 years pressured him to do so.

"I was told one of the daughters poured water on him," the source says. "It was like something out of, not even like the Old Testament, but a bad reality TV show."

Video has been reviewed by police and as far as they can tell, there was nothing criminal about Davis' death. A medical examiner has yet to release an official report on the findings.

If Bobby Davis wanted forgiveness for admitting his affair, he did just in time. The fact that someone dies right after confessing a sin would seem like more than a mere coincidence.

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