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Bobby Davis affair dies: Bobby Davis' death ignites discussion on gays in church

Bishop Bobby Davis had an affair and died in church after admitting it to his congregation. The story out of Bridgeport, Conn. has gone viral mainly because of the irony: A pastor admits that he cheated on his wife and then drops dead. On March 16, a Twitter user questioned the circumstances here and wondered why this happened to Davis and why something like this hasn't happened to church members who come out as gay. Does God hold adultery to more of a sharp (for lack of a better word) standard than homosexuality?

"Strangely, no bishops have been struck down in the act of admitting they're gay," tweeted user @DCPlod.

Since Bobby Davis died after admitting he had an affair, some wonder if this was God's will -- His way. The question raised by @DCPlod is interesting because it suggests that God values loyalty and faithfulness over sexual orientation. In other words, being gay doesn't break any of the commandments -- if you look at this philosophically.

If God really was taking out his disapproval on Davis (if you believe in that sort of thing), you might go so far as to say that God values each and every person equally no matter who they choose to love -- but when someone commits adultery (in this instance), it's a sin that cannot be forgiven.

Bobby Davis' affair and the fact he died after admitting it might speak volumes to some. To others, it's just a mere coincidence. What do you think?

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