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Bobby Davis confesses affair, dies: Bishop collapses in front of congregation

Bobby Davis admitted an affair to his church then died
Bobby Davis admitted an affair to his church then died
Screencap via YouTube

Bishop Bobby Davis told of his affair then died just moments later of a suspected heart attack. Mail Online shared the stunning story of what one congregation in Connecticut recently went through.

Davis was the pastor and founder of the Bridgeport, Conn. Miracle Faith World Outreach Church. The bishop, 72, had been married to his wife Christine for 50 years. They had six children and eight grandchildren together.

It is said that the affair had happened years ago, but this month the bishop asked everyone at the congregation to stay as he confessed what had happened. Moments after Bobby Davis' affair confession he dropped to his knees and died. The cause of death is still pending further review.

After Davis made his confession, there was said to be quite a bit of shouting in the church. However some from within the congregation say that they were actually yelling their support for Davis. The experience of Bobby Davis' affair and death, all played out in front of his congregation, has certainly left the family as well as the church hurting deeply.