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Bobby Brown launches new barbecue sauce line

Bobby Brown looks like he is getting his life right
Bobby Brown looks like he is getting his life right

Bobby Brown seems to be focusing on a new positive spin on what was once a very tumultuous lifestyle. He says he's the primary cook at home and has developed these recipes from just loving being in the kitchen at home. The singer announced the launch of Bobby Brown Foods which is an array of barbecue sauces, seasonings, and mixes and will be available in the Fall with unique flavors like Bobby’s Original BBQ Sauce," "Sweet and Spicy Sauce," and "Boston Blend Seasoning,

Since the passing of his late great ex-wife Whitney Houston February 11, 2012 Bobby has seemingly moved on to greener pastures marrying again to new wife Alicia Etheridge June 19, 2012. He'd spoken in 2012 about it being 14 years since he came out with a new album when speaking with Shaun Robinson on Access Hollywood when releasing his new album "The Masterpiece". He went on to share that he'd met her when he was 18 years old. She had her friends and he had his boys and they would hang out. He got married and they lost touch only to meet again by chance after his divorce.

During the interview he also admitted that he had trouble with narcotics for a very long time but said he was 7 years clean at that time. Unfortunately for Bobby his recovery is overshadowed by his daughter Bobbi Kristina's downward spiral into a lifestyle her parents were once very infamous for. She was spotted by paparazzi some time in late March wearing mismatched shoes and looking like she had no clue she looked as ratchet as a crackhead. She is now living the kind of lifestyle her parents made famous on reality tv. Her slip is showing as the famous line from the movie Ray revealed which means you may not realize Bobby Kristina but you can't hide everything no matter how hard you try. There are certain things that reveal themselves whether you like it or not and if you don't understand you should watch all the episodes of 'Being Bobby Brown' and you'll see that Ratchet has a look and it's not a good one.

As for Bobby Brown it looks like he is in a good place and let's hope he stays there for the sake of his health, wealth, and happiness. Let's hope he also finds a way to reach out to his daughter who may think she's got everyone fooled but is just taking a journey that will lead to endless trouble, hurt, and pain in the end. Good luck Bobby and Bobby Kristina. The world is hoping you end up on top.

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