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Bobby Bones won’t quit, staying on morning show

The Bobby Bones Show will continue, says host
Grant Halverson, Getty Images

On January 30, Bobby Bones tweeted that he was considering another job offer. Just one day later, on January 31, the host of The Bobby Bones Show returned to Twitter to let listeners know that he’s staying in radio.

When Bobby Bones sent his original tweet on Thursday night, he didn’t anticipate the response he’d get. His email, phone and social media accounts blew up. Listeners didn’t want him to leave, some thought it was all a hoax or ratings stunt, others were concerned about his crew losing their jobs.

By Friday, Bobby Bones had recorded a video, which was uploaded to YouTube and also posted by In the video, Bobby Bones explains that he flew to Los Angeles Friday morning to discuss the other job offer, which was in television, but after much consideration he has decided to stay with The Bobby Bones Show.

He stated that there is much more coming up with the iHeart festival and though he didn’t elaborate, other tv options as well.

So, it looks like for now the panic is over. Everyone who enjoys The Bobby Bones Show can continue to look forward to their morning coffee or morning drive with Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox and the rest of the gang.

To see the video for yourself, go to Bobby Bones YouTube channel.

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