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Bobby Bones morning show: Ideas for pimpin joy

Visiting a children's hospital is one of many ways to spread joy during Pimpin Joy Week
Visiting a children's hospital is one of many ways to spread joy during Pimpin Joy Week
Peter Kramer, Getty Images

The Bobby Bones radio show kicked off Pimpin Joy Week on March 3. Pimpin Joy is a movement begun by Bobby Bones to honor the joyful attitude of crew member Amy’s mom, Judy, who has been fighting cancer for two years and kept a positive outlook. The radio host extended pimpin joy to anyone who wants to participate in choosing joy over their own challenging circumstances or spreading joy to those around them.

Listeners are invited to call in with their own pimpin joy stories or use the hashtag #pimpinjoy on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. As Pimpin Joy Week continues from March 3 through 7, The Bobby Bones Show will feature several country music guests in studio.

Meanwhile, people everywhere can start pimpin joy wherever they go. Joy-spreaders can choose an idea from the list below or come up with their own, but either way the idea is to keep joy circulating!

Ideas for pimpin joy:

  • When you walk into the grocery store, purchase a gift card at the service desk. Then, when you check out, hand it to the person behind you in line to pay for part, or all, of their purchase.
  • Return your neighbor’s trash cans to their house, so they won’t have to go out in the cold.
  • Do somebody else’s chore at home or work and leave a #Pimpinjoy note in the place where they’d normally go to start the task.
  • Deliver hot cocoa or coffee to a group of people standing outside at a bus stop.
  • Visit a nursing home and ask the nurses to direct you to a patient who doesn’t get many visitors. Then, spend some time with that person–reading, singing, asking about their life, or helping them do an activity they enjoy
  • Scour your closets or hit Goodwill stores for used prom dresses. Donate them to the Cinderella Project, so girls from less fortunate families can still attend prom.
  • At work, at the airport, or anywhere vending machines abound, fill the machines with extra coins but make no selections so the next person coming along will find their snack or beverage already paid for.
  • Visit a local children’s hospital and put on a puppet show, read books, or deliver stuffed animals, puzzle books and handheld games.
  • Bring a few boxes of food to a local food pantry or homeless shelter.
  • Purchase the day-old bread at a discount store then head out to a local park where children feed ducks. Find some parents and ask permission to give the bread to their children, so the kids can have the joy of seeing the ducks come up close to get the bread.
  • Go to a local mall and start singing an inspirational song aloud to other shoppers.
  • Throughout your day, pass out cards with inspirational messages on them to everyone you come in contact with. Simple messages such as “You’re stronger than you think you are,” “You have the ability to inspire someone,” “Use your story for good,” or “You are much too special to keep it all to yourself. Share your joy” can make someone’s day or inspire positive change.
  • Write a clean joke on a Post-It note and leave it someplace where many people will come across it.
  • Take a load off someone’s hands: carry library books for someone heading to the return bin, open the door for a delivery guy with a dolly full of goods, help with packages at the post office, or hold the door for a mom with several children.
  • If you know a mom of several small children, tell her you’re coming over. Then, show up with cleaning supplies and let her have the day off from household chores.
  • Call a local church and ask what manual labor you can do to help out
  • Use your skills for good: Set up free haircuts, photography sessions, home-cooked meals, or other services for those in your community.

Or, take Bobby Bones' suggestion and donate blood!

Share your own ideas for pimpin joy in the comments below and keep spreading the joy!

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