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Bob Webster Owns the Biggest Garbage Dump in Brockport

The west side of the building facing Utica Street
The west side of the building facing Utica Street
The west side of the building facing Utica Street

Two of the Webster brothers are in a knock-them-down, drag-them-out fight to see which one owns the biggest dump on Clinton Street.

65 Clinton Street is a garbage dump
65 Clinton Street is a garbage dump

Right now the nod goes to Bob Webster, who owns the garbage dump at 65 Clinton Street. Beyond a doubt, it seems to be the worst property mess in the entire Village of Brockport.

The house is on the southeast corner of Clinton Street and Utica Street, directly across from the historic warehouse on the Eire Canal.

You can drive by if you want, but the best way to see Bob Webster’s disaster is to park your car next to the warehouse and walk across the street so you can look through the broken down fence into the back yard from the Utica Street side.

Fred Webster just bought the house on Clinton Street that Rich Miller couldn’t sell because of all the back taxes and liens.

But if Fred is going to maintain his reputation as the sleaziest slumlord in Brockport, he is going to have his hands full.

That’s because the house at 65 Clinton Street, owned by his brother Bob, is actually a garbage dump.

You can’t even see the ground in the back yard because of all the trash; everything from two dead bathtubs and a dead stove to a huge stack of white plastic buckets.

If you want to understand the enormous task faced by new Code Enforcement Officer David J. Miller, just take a look at 65 Clinton Street.

There are gaping holes in the siding. A broken first floor window facing Utica Street is patched with a piece of paper.

The wooden fence is falling down. Half of the side lawn has been converted to dirt to expand the driveway, and the garage hasn’t seen paint in decades.

Bob Webster bought the run down house for $25,000 at a bank sale in November 2012.

It was a classic example of how the slumlords gobble up properties in the village.

The bank had foreclosed on the property, and it was sold at auction, where the prices are almost always ridiculously low.

Bob Webster has the money to fix up the place. He owns multiple college rental properties in Brockport, and he lives in a big beautiful house on State Street.

But he hasn’t bothered to put any effort into it.

If you look at the before and after photos in the slideshow, you’ll see that since he bought the place Bob Webster has replace some, but not all of the windows, replaced the front door, and cut down a couple of saplings that were growing by the foundation.

That’s it!

It would take nothing but some muscle power and some elbow grease to clean up the disgraceful pile of trash that covers the entire back yard, but Bob Webster has not bothered to do that.

Former Code Enforcement officer Scott Zarnstorff just looked the other way.

The odd are, Bob Webster will only clean up the mess when the new Code Enforcement Officer David J. Miller starts jumping on Bob Webster’s toes.

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Bob Dylan

Without a hefty fine, Bob Webster will do nothing about the mess, and without a Village Court, Bob Webster will never get a hefty fine for the mess he is responsible for at the corner of Clinton and Utica Streets.

The Town of Sweden Court has a long history of ignoring the slumlord problem in the village.

That is one of the main reasons, that Brockport is creating a Village Court. The slumlords control the Sweden town Council, and the Sweden Town Court.

During a discussion about code enforcement on Tuesday evening, Kevin McCarthy put the spotlight on 65 Clinton Street.

Some people want to sit back and see how the new Code Enforcement Officer does before putting pressure on the Mayor and the Village Board to do more about improving code enforcement.

Other village residents think it time to keep the pressure on the Mayor and the Village Board so that the new Code Enforcement Officer doesn’t become frustrated and toss in the towel.

As Kevin McCarthy says, “The blight is spreading with no end in sight.”

It’s time to keep the pressure on the Mayor and the Village Board.

It’s now or never time.

When village residents voted for a change in government, they expected things to change.

They need to have some positive feedback from the Village Government, and they need it now, or they’ll throw their hands up in disgust and say, “Nothing will ever change. There’s no leadership.”

There are a few signs that things are starting to change.

The garbage cans are finally off the street next to Bill Andrews’ house. It took a month, when it should have taken two days, but at least the garbage cans are off the street.

When a member of the Village Board tolerates an obvious code violation next door for a month, people lose confidence that anyone in the village government cares.

Mayor Blackman also says that new Code Enforcement Officer David J. Miller has already cited Fred Webster for an exterior violation on one of his rental properties, and that Miller has also convinced Norm Giancursio to out a top on the dumpster at one of his rental properties.

That is good news, but the village government has to spread that news much more quickly or people will get fed up waiting.

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