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Bob Saget not dead: Comedian talks death in 'Dirty Daddy' memoir

Is Bob Saget dead? Based on a search term on April 12 via Bing, which appeared under the "Popular Now" topics, you'd think the "Full House" actor/comedian had passed away. However, the rumor and celebrity death hoax were stirred up by a recent interview in which Saget explores death and comedy in his new memoir, "Dirty Daddy," according to a post out Thursday via Fox News.

Comedian Bob Saget
Bob Saget verified Facebook page

Bob Saget dead headlines are very eerie considering his family history of early deaths and other tragedies. The 57-year-old, who starred alongside John Stamos and the Olsen twins as family patriarch, Danny Tanner, sat down and dished on his life and new book recently.

"Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian" delves deep into Saget's life and touches somber moments, trying times, and his highs and lows throughout his colorful career.

The Sagets, like the Kennedys have gone through strings of losses and many began to question if a curse had befallen the families.

Saget, real name, Robert Lane, lost three uncles under 50, all from heart attacks. The comedian lost two of his siblings, one to an aneurysm, the other to scleroderma. And in March, death struck his family again when his mother died.

Bob Saget, despite coping with death and dying, revealed his self-imposed therapy interventions -- comedy. And when asked how he ties laughter in with periods of upheaval and tragedy, he had this to say:

I find that humor admirable or maybe it's not. Maybe it's my coward's way of dealing with it. You are there to either save the person you love or bury the person you love so the humor is going on either way. I don't know if I was in a war in a trench and someone's head got blown off if I'd be making jokes at that moment...I probably would. There's something wrong with me in that regard."

Contact Music wrote that long ago, Saget, who portrayed a clean-cut image in "Full House," was in real life -- as he describes himself -- a "mischievous bastard." In other words, he was not the kid a girl wanted to introduce to her parents or have over for dinner.

Saget says before he was 15, he was notorious for shoplifting toy guns, candy, and setting tiny nuisance fires. He suffered with acne, was "overweight," adopted a bad-boy image, and sported a comb-over that was cool to him, but was the butt of jokes among his peers. In fact, it was this behavior that led to the young Saget to become a loner.

Fast-forward to his divorce at 42 and some elements of his juvenile bad-boy persona emerged: Saget began drinking and driving and digressing to his old ways.

So you see, Bob Saget is not dead and is very much alive. But just don't cause trouble in his neighborhood because today, he's the nosey old man, who'll call 911 on you in a New York second.

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