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Bob's Steak & Chop House at Legacy serves up best steak in Plano

Steak. Potato. Glazed Carrot. Easy
Steak. Potato. Glazed Carrot. Easy

Perhaps the title fails to properly capture the greatness of this establishment. Bob's Steak & Chop House could indeed be called a chain restaurant, but don't be fooled. Cuisine is of the highest quality with prices to match. Their first restaurant in Dallas at 4300 Lemon Ave opened in 1993. Since then, word spread. So did popularity. Five more stores opened, most in the Dallas area, but the furthest being in San Francisco, California. Judging from the meal I experienced last Friday night, I'm surprised there aren't more Chop Houses dotting our varied American landscape.

The Legacy location,tucked right on the edge of Plano and Frisco differs from most Bob's Steak & Chop Houses in that it is not a stand alone store, rather part of an outdoor mall district which made valet parking a bit awkward and difficult to navigate. 

Once inside, the hostess staff were helpful, cordial, and attentive, even if the entry area was a bit cramped and chaotic. Of course the restaurant might find this a positive, since the place was absolutely teeming with customers, many of which seemed like regulars, especially in the bar area.

Having been promptly seated, our waiter arrived in a flash to take drink orders. We found him finely put together and exceedingly attentive and kind. His fine recommendations and ample knowledge of the menu resulted in one of, if not the best appetizer selection I've ever tasted in the rack of lamb with gorgonzola, five small, highly seasoned medallions of lamb, cooked medium rare and bursting with savory flavor. On top of each medallion rests a partially melted portion of fresh and smooth gorgonzola cheese. The presentation is finished out by a cool salad consisting of corn, mint, lettuce etc. sitting neatly atop it all. At first, I was skeptical about the lamb and cheese combination, but upon my first bite, I became a staunch believer. The appetizer was gone before my brain could register the delight of texture and the balance of richness in meat and cheese with that hint of mint on the back end. All gaminess was expunged from the lamb due to the steakhouse-style seasoning. 

Another moment of brilliance during our meal, one in which we partook of perhaps too excitedly was the fresh bread, a hefty roll, crispy and hot, perfect for tearing off a hunk and slathering it with butter. The bread was the single cause for our doggie bags.

The gorgeous filet mignon, cooked to perfection (rare plus), melted to the taste. The quality, perfectly marbled cut of meat stood tall next to Bob's signature smashed potatoes and sweet glazed carrot.

My 12 oz. ribeye could not have been more succulent and juicy, and the german fried potatoes with onion gravy complemented the medium rare cut perfectly. Heartiness without heaviness. 

The only negatives to the evening would be the afore mentioned valet service, and the some of the decor appointments, namely, all the televisions. With a bill of $117 for two people, I expect elegance in a restaurant, yes, even a steakhouse. If my steak alone costs $50, I don't want to see televisions surrounding the dining room. If it were the bar, I wouldn't mind, but if I'm to slap on slacks and a sport coat to go out to dinner, I feel that one broken flat screen and two working ones showing a basketball game that isn't even in high definition, is detracting from the restaurant's own fine-dining identity.

All in all, if it's a well above average steak you're in the market for, don't forget Bob's Steak & Chop House. The flavors are spot on, and the generous cuts are of the highest quality.  It's terrific for a big group out for a nice meal, or even a romantic table for two and a bottle of wine. Well recommended!


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