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"Bob's Burgers" - Horror References

I've been asked what I've been up to during the last seven months, since I haven't been writing. Planning a wedding, mostly, but also watching a lot of "Bob's Burgers." A LOT. The animated series revolves around the misadventures of Bob, a meat artiste, who runs a hamburger restaurant with his wife, Linda, and their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise. I thought I'd highlight one of the favorite things about the animate series - all the movie references. But, of course, I'll stick to the best 13 horror homages.

Official episode poster for "Fort Night"
The main characters of "Bob's Burgers"

Here they are, in no particular order.

"Fort Night" (Season 4, Episode 2): The official episode poster (see the slideshow) is a complete homage to the movie "Fright Night" (1985). The second of the series' Halloween episodes, this one focuses on the kids desire to get the most candy possible. Unfortunately, they upset a girl who wants to be Louise's friend, with trappable consequences.

"The Deepening" (Season 3, Episode 6): "Jaws" - "Jaws" everywhere. This episode is perfect. They parallel the entire movie throughout this episode, in which the owner of the town - and Bob's landlord, Mr. Fishchoeder, (voiced by Kevin Kline), buys a mechanical shark that once starred in a series of B-horror movies.

"The Belchies" (Season 2, Episode 1): "Bob's Burgers" parodies "The Goonies."

"Crawl Space" (Season 1, Episode 2): Bob purposely "gets stuck" in his home's crawl space and begins to go slowly insane, like Jack Torrance in "The Shining," complete with imaginary speakeasy.

"O.T. - the Outside Toilet" (Season 4, Episode 15): It's like "E.T.," but with Gene's dream-high-tech toilet.

"The Frond Files" (Season 4, Episode 12): 9 yr-old, mischievous schemer Louise (my favorite), writes essays about her school's guidance counselor, and finds herself in trouble. The episode is a take on one of the greatest horror television series, "The X Files."

"Full Bars" (Season 3, Episode 2): The first Halloween episode (see slideshow).

"Mutiny on the Windbreaker" (Season 3, Episode 5): The family gets all-inclusive, VIP treatment on a cruise ship, and Louise gets a mani-pedi a-la Freddy Krueger.

"It Snakes a Village" (Season 3, Episode 18): Anaconda.

"Weekend at Mort's" (Season 1, Episode 9): One of the long-running jokes on the show is the "Burger of the Day," in which Bob spins many puns to try and sell his prized beef. The one in this particular episode is "I've Created a Muenster," a nod to Frankenstein. Oh, and the family spends the weekend at the mortuary next door, which is horrific as you can get.

Another long-standing reference is the eldest daughter, Tina's, love for zombies. As she says, "I'm afraid of them, but I love their swagger."

"Mother Daughter Laser Razor" (Season 3, Episode 10): Tina shaves her legs, but later regrets it, having a dream almost exactly like Sarah Conner's in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."

"Beefsquatch" (Season 2, Episode 10): Gene gets a Sasquatch mask and becomes Beefsquatch, an alter-ego that becomes his father's nemesis when they start filming a cooking segment for a local morning show.

If you love smart animated series, "Bob's Burgers" is definitely the way to go. It's 100 times better than "the Simpsons," and "South Park" as of late.

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