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Bob's Balloons can Make a Loved One Swoon

Want to make a loved one swoon? Propose on a hot air balloon under a daylight moon.

Hot air balloons provide a surreal scenery, perfect for popping the question.
Hot air balloons provide a surreal scenery, perfect for popping the question.
Marisa L. Williams
Hot air balloons get ready for lift off in Champions Gate, FL.
Marisa L. Williams

While hovering above a tree, drop down onto one knee, and ask, "will you marry me?"

Floating gently up in the sky, the gesture brings a tear to the eye, an unbelievable joyous cry.

Bob's Balloons flies close to Kissimmee. In view of Disney, your lover says yes with glee.

There's a thing to be mindful of, as you profess your love, heart fluttering like wings of a dove.

Be sure to aim to ask when they're not firing the flame, or nobody will hear the question you frame.

You might have to ask loud, but it will make your loved one proud while flying in a cloud.

If you're going to ask and kneel, have a location that's surreal; make it a big deal.

Of course, you can go on a fantasy ride even if not looking for a bride. Bob's a great guide.

He is not a novice; he has years of hot air balloon service, and can calm those who are nervous.

Bob's crew is great, too. They make set up and tear down seem easy to do.

There's something about seeing the massive balloon inflate while you wait - watch magic create.

Witness it raising, while the flame is blazing. Even the deflation at the end is amazing.

They squeeze out all the air with the greatest of care, as they don't want a tear to repair.

Squeeze the nylon balloon into a sack. Sit on it and lay back; it makes it easier to pack.

Going up to a great height, taking in a wondrous sight, can give anyone child-like delight.

If you're in Sunshine State, Bob's Balloons can circumnavigate the sky for a perfect date.

Get a bird's eye view, bring a camera with you, and they'll give you a digital video, too.

Receive a balloon shaped flash drive of a video taken live, proving you were brave enough to survive.

Congratulations to Carl from Michigan and Carolina from Columbia, who got engaged on Bob's Balloons.

For more information on Bob's Balloons in Champion's Gate, FL, visit Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For books by Marisa, visit and

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