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Bob Rusch - Go All In

Bob Rusch
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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a new play, “Detective, Partner, Hero, Villain.” One of the principal characters was played by a clearly talented actor Bob Rusch. As it turned out Bob Rusch is also one of the founders behind the innovative theatrical production company Sky Pilot Theatre Company formed in 2004 with its name inspired by “The Animals” song “Sky Pilot.” From its inception Sky Pilot Theatre Company has been about bringing new plays to the stage. Bob Rusch and Sky Pilot Theatre Company are devoted to helping develop the next generation of American playwrights. But first it was Bob Rusch the actor.

As is typical Bob Rusch developed his interest in acting at an early age. He enthusiastically pursued a full and deep path of knowledge in all aspects of the craft; a pursuit that earned him a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts degree from the State University of New York, College at Buffalo. He built upon that solid foundation with several professional trainers in various aspects of acting from cold reading through stage combat. Obviously his training paid off big time landing Bob Rusch in eighteen major TV roles, sixteen film roles and at least thirteen theatrical roles. That is success in acting by any measure so I asked Bob what advice he would give others seeking an acting career. “You have to go all in, you must be pro active and I recommend participating in Casting Director workshops.” said Bob Rusch. In other words you can’t just stand around waiting to be “discovered.” Roll up your sleeves and stay focused and committed and success is achievable.

Now as Bob Rusch looks to the future he wants to grow Sky Pilot Production company not only with a steady stream of exciting new plays but he is also working at building a small independent film production company as well. As a Producer Bob Rusch is, of course, a businessman. But what drives him is the art. Bob Rusch and his team at Sky Pilot Theatre are driven to supporting the performing arts. To that end he has set up means whereby other aficionados of the arts can make contributions. Take a moment and check that out at:,

For current Film and TV developments for Bob Rusch you may check: and to stay up on developments with Sky Pilot do visit: By all means go and see him and his always exciting cast on stage, you will be positively impressed. I will be following the development of Sky Pilot Production Company here in the Examiner. Stayed informed and just click on “Subscribe” right below my photo. It is fast and free.

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