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Bob Ohman's Old Bike Ride, 12th Annual, on June 18th, 2014

I've always been a sucker for the look of vintage motorcycles, their clean and simple lines, the timeless design and beauty.

I've attended Bob Ohman's annual OBR or Old Bike Ride since #7 and have had a great time each time (I did miss #11 but I was in Alaska at the time). I invite you to attend the 12th iteration of this bike ride, if only to admire the many vintage machines that will show up. The ride is supposed to be only composed of motorcycles that are sufficiently old, so I usually show up just to take pictures and video of machines and their riders.

Open to all riders of (sufficiently) old motorcycles and all (sufficiently) old motorcycle riders

Welcome to Old Bike Ride Twelve!

This annual event is a venture between Norton Colorado and Bob Ohman. The purpose of the Old Bike Ride is to encourage people to bring out their old motorcycles and ride them. American, British, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, motorcycle, scooter, sidecar, concourse original or hideous mongrel, any engine capacity, we do not care as long as it's old enough. The approximately 75-mile route takes us over some of the finest motorcycling roads of the Front Range. The Old Bike Ride is open to anyone riding a motorized vehicle with less than four wheels made in 1980 or earlier. We also honor people who refuse to quit riding just because they got old, so a rider over the age of 75 can ride whatever they want to, dammit.

Except for this Extremely Important Exception for OBR12:

We are trying to encourage more riders of the female persuasion to get involved in vintage motorcycling. Therefore, for OBR12, women of any age are welcome to participate while riding (not as a passenger) a motorcycle or scooter of any age. Ladies, here's your chance to ride with a choice collection of the crustiest old bikers you could ever imagine! This is not a race. Everyone rides at their own pace and, to quote the old song, "never is heard, a discouraging word" about the mechanical preparation of one's machine or one's rate of forward progress, cornering abilities, or navigational skills. We'd really, truly like you to join us.

As in OBR 11, the special decals commemorating this event will not be issued until the lunch stop.

Please come out and enjoy the sights and sounds of old iron, take a look at the pictures of motorcycles taken during previous OBRs in the listed links. You'll not be dissapointed.

More information on the Norton of Colorado website: LINK

Ride Safe. Ride Aware.

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