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Bob Mills' Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Bob Mills is a company that makes a variety of gluten free mixes, ranging from corn muffins to pancakes to brownies and other goodies.

When it comes to gluten free pancakes, a lot of them are small, flat, and rubbery at best. This leaves a lot to be desired. Just because a person is allergic to wheat, it doesn't mean that their taste buds are incapable of appreciating delicious cuisine!

There is something about Bob Mills' Gluten Free Pancake Mix that is amazing. Their pancakes can withstand being one inch thick! They are sweet, fluffy, delectable, and have the ability to make anyone without Celiac Disease jealous!

You can find this premade mix in Weis and Wegmans' grocery stores. And don't hesitate to add bananas or blueberries or whatever fruit filling you prefer. You won't be sorry if you give this light, airy, sweet, fluffy slice of heaven a try!


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