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Bob McDonnell is Going to Jail

Nice Watch Bob
Nice Watch Bob
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It took the jury but 2 days to convict this couple, the former Governor of Virginia and is wife, on almost 2 dozen counts combined. It wasn’t hard. The sheer greed and stupidity and piggishness precluded any other verdict.

A snake oil salesman had some product he wanted to unload and a boatload of cash to spend. He needed access and as much legitimacy as his crazy pills could generate. Actually the question of being given the keys to the kingdom of Virginia, and briefly Anne Romney, was easy. Having to provide respectability to tobacco-based pills is another issue.

But no matter.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. You think designer dresses were not enough to bribe this couple. No worries. There was cash and no interest loans and Ferrari rides and golfing trips- complete with gear and food and drinks. No to mention green fees.

Everyone should have a favorite moment from this trial. For this column it was the fact that the Rolex watch that Williams gave to the Governor had a card stating that it came from Santa. So ipso facto, that it is what McDonnell said he believed.

The question becomes why did it take the jury two entire days unless they were writing all of the counts out in long hand. (And then convicting the couple on most of the charges.)

Even worse than selling Virginia out on the cheap is what a creep McDonnell is. Last year, he was offered a plea deal that would have spared his wife. No, he decided to take his tale to a jury and throw his spouse under the bus.

“How,” he wondered could two people plan anything if one was a dedicated public servant and the other a lunatic?” And in this marriage, which produced 5 children, the two partners never, ever talked. And if they did, it was the role of the husband to calm down the wife while he, the dedicated official, would just pray on the rosary and re-recite the Virginia constitution.

Okay, that last part was speculation. The good Governor probably intoned: “What else does Santa have for me?”

People are angry and politicians are corrupt. And these dirty guys are not being judged by a jury of their peers. Average folks are being empaneled. People who the GOP believes don’t deserve a higher minimum wage or health care. You know, the little people who pay their taxes and are mocked and sacrificed when they hit hard times.

Uh oh.

“Hey get Rob Blagojevich and Bernie Madoff out of the slammer. A new corruption case is brewing….”

Good luck Misters Christie, Walker and Perry.

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