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Bob Marley & Red Wine

I was wrong.
Now I’ve found.
Just one thing makes me forget.
Red, Red Wine stay close to me.
Don’t let me be alone.

Red wine helps forget a broken heart.
Kate O'Mara

Bob Marley sang the song not long after Neil Diamond wrote it in the late 1960's. Most of us remember the UB40 version of the song. Still the lyrics ring true for many broken hearts that dive into a bottle of wine to forget the pain of a blue heart.

Robert Marley was born on February 6th which means this is the perfect weekend to celebrate this great artist. Not only was Marley a popular musician but also a kind and generous man. He often gave money or houses to friends and the poor in Jamaica.

Among the most popular Bob Marley songs are ‘I Shot the Sherriff’, ‘Buffalo Solider’, ‘No Woman No Cry’ and “Redemption Song’. The reggae music of Marley’s band the Wailers is undeniably the most recognizable band of the genre.

Bob Marley, born in 1945 was one of the talented baby-boomers who died in his prime. It was discovered after an accident that the performer had cancer. He died in 1981 at age 36.

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