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Green, yellow and red Bob Marley nails

Green, yellow and red Bob Marley nails.
Photo by: Janel Lucas

Are you a Bob Marley fan? Today, February 6th would have been his 69th birthday.

Bob Marley fans everywhere are honoring him in different ways. Many radio stations around the world are frequently playing his music, special celebrations and ceremonies have been held and today has even officially been declared Bob Marley Day in Toronto.

Whether or not you’ve participated in any of these events, you can still wear Bob Marley themed nail art to pay homage to the legendary, Jamaican singer. Here’s a quick Bob Marley inspired tutorial.

You will need a striper nail art brush and green, yellow, red and black nail polish. This design is based on dividing the nail into three equal, sections by creating vertical lines with each color.

  • Make one line of yellow nail polish in the middle of each fingernail. It should be about the thickness of your nail polish brush.
  • Fill in the right side of each nail with green polish and the left with red. This will result in three equal portions of each color.
  • Use your striper brush and black polish to make two very thin lines on each nail. Make one where the green and yellow polishes meet. Make the second line where the yellow and red polishes meet.
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