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Bob Englehart fires his 32nd perfect game

Bob Englehart rolled a 300 in his first game on Wednesday.
Bob Englehart rolled a 300 in his first game on Wednesday.
Fred Eisenhammer

Local bowling legend Bob Englehart is typically smiling on the bowling lanes, but he was smiling a little bit more Wednesday night.

Englehart blistered a 300 in his first game during the “Wednesday Stars” league at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills.

It marked his 32nd perfect game and his second of the year.

After Englehart bowled his latest 300, teammate Kristen Carroll marveled at the tall left-handed gunslinger from the Santa Clarita Valley.

“He’s awesome,” Carroll said. “He’s Bob Englehart. He’s my coach and I’m proud of it. He’s hurt and he still shows up and does his thing. He’s so committed.

“No one deserves this more than he does. He’s always positive with everyone, even me. I’m happy for him.

“Every shot was solid. There were no doubters or wigglers. Everything was bam, bam. There was never a doubt. He was on.”

The 55-year-old Englehart, who carries a potent 228 average, finished his series with scores of 194 and 200. “It was the best 694 I’ve shot,” said Englehart, smiling widely. “I didn’t miss a [makeable] spare. And I missed the pocket one time.”

Englehart’s only open came in the eighth frame of his final game when he left the dreaded 7-10 split.

What was remarkable about Englehart’s perfect game is that he achieved it despite two painful and injured knees. Englehart missed two weeks of bowling this year because of the injuries.

He acknowledges that he will not be bowling forever because of the seriousness of his injures.

“Before 60, I’ll be done,” said Englehart, who ices his knees for two hours before he goes to sleep. “Father Time always wins, no matter what.”

Despite his injures, Englehart already has racked up three more 800 series this year, giving him 24. And he crushed an 845 series a month ago at Santa Clarita Lanes.

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