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Bob Dylan track from the 1980s used in tonight’s episode of ‘True Blood’

Blood on the tracks, revisited.

First it was “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’,” then it was “Everything Is Broken.” Tonight, to close episode 4 of the seventh, and final, season of the HBO series “True Blood,” a 65 second excerpt of Bob Dylan’s “Death Is Not The End” was used while the final credits rolled. It was also the title of the episode. Other songs heard in the episode were the Garbage track, “#1 Crush,” Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Phenomena.”

According to Bjorner, “Death Is Not The End” was originally recorded on May 2, 1983, with Dylan’s co-producer Mark Knopfler, Mick Taylor, Alan Clark, Robbie Shakespeare, and Sly Dunbar, at the Power Station in New York City, during the sessions for “Infidels.” The track was buried for a few years before eventually being given a transfusion and brought back to life as a track on Dylan’s 1988 album, “Down in the Groove,” with overdubbed background vocals supplied by the hip-hop band, Full Force.

Back in 2009, during “True Blood’s” second season, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” was used in the original promotional video, in addition to the season finale named after the song. Dylan’s recording was included on the CD, “True Blood: Music From The HBO Original Series Volume 2” In 2010, Dylan’s recording of “Everything is Broken” was used in episode nine of season three. Of course, the series is also available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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