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Bob Dylan art work at Mark Borghi Gallery

Art work of Bob Dylan on display
Art work of Bob Dylan on display
Marl Borghi Gallery

Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series” drew an estimated 800 to 1000 visitors to Bridgehampton, according to Mark Borghi of Mark Borghi Fine Art, Examiner has learned at the opening night reception last night on (July 3). According to Borghi, this was his top opening of an exhibit ever. Dylan draws top dollar for his work with paintings ranging in price between $70,000 and $900,000 for a signed painting. Added Borghi to Examiner. Performer Barbara Streisand has even viewed the collection.

The event drew collectors, media, those in the Hamptons for the July 4th weekend and the gallery event opened to a packed crowd. The exhibit will run from today July 4 to July 18 in Bridgehampton, New York. Staten Islanders interested in seeing the exhibit this busy July 4th weekend, will definitely enjoy the art work of Bob Dylan in the Tony Bridgehampton neighborhood. Borghi has a gallery in New York City at 52 East 76th Street and in Bridgehampton at 2426 Main Street. Contact for Bridgehampton gallery hours.

Added, “Bob Dylan‘s heavily doodled first draft of “Like a Rolling Stone” just set a record for the most expensive music manuscript sold at auction (see artnet News report). Now, the musician’s artwork takes center stage at Mark Borghi Fine Art in Bridgehampton, New York, with a new painting exhibition titled “Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series.”
“In addition to his prolific musical career, Dylan has been honing his craft as a visual artist for four decades. Nevertheless, he only had his first gallery show in 2007 at the Kunstsammlungen in Chemnitz Germany, also featuring “The Drawn Blank Series,” added the web site.

The paintings in the exhibition are based on entries in a sketchbook Dylan kept while on tour between 1989 and 1992, according to and cover a variety of subjects, including portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and street scenes. Dylan’s most recent series of paintings, “Face Value,” is currently on view at Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark, having debuted at the National Portrait Gallery in London last year.

According to www,, “Bob Dylan may be renowned first and foremost as a singer and songwriter, but he’s also amassed accolades as an author, film director, actor, disc jockey, and visual artist. His achievements in art will be on display July 4-18 (opening reception July 3, 6-9 p.m.), at Mark Borghi Fine Art in Bridgehampton with his second US showing of “Bob Dylan The Drawn Blank Series.” The pieces were created while Dylan was on the road between 1989 and 1992.

“The exhibit’s drawings and sketches are as vivid, complex, and poetic as Dylan’s music. Dylan, who is famous for reimagining his own songs, uses the same revision process for his artworks—pieces are reinvented and refined, but each version remains unique and poignant,” added

Added Dylan representative Aaron Young to HamptonsMagazine: “Similarly Dylan’s foray into the art world was sparked by the need to challenge himself and see if he could use another medium to tell the same stories he did through his music. Inspiration also came from Italian Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and Andy Warhol’s repetitive use of images in varying styles and colors.”

Why the Hamptons for the U.S. launch of Dylan's art work? “The crowd is one that will identify with the work,” Young explains to the magazine. “There are usually seasoned travelers who have perhaps seen these places found in the images. The people in the Hamptons are sure to relate to the aesthetic and the idea of capturing a moment in time.”

As for the timing, gallery owner Mark Borghi told Hamptons Magazine that the plan to unveil the work of an American icon over Fourth of July weekend is intentional. “Showing Bob Dylan’s work in Bridgehampton over the Fourth of July is as American as apple pie,” Borghi notes.

Staten Islanders interested in learning more about viewing the gallery should visit or contact for gallery hours. You won't regret the trip.