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Bob Coy quits megachurch after 'moral failure': Coy's images pulled by church

Pastor Bob Coy resigns from Megachurch he founded after ''moral failings."

Florida megachurch founder Bob Coy has resigned with his “moral failing” as the only explanation offered. Coy, who was the pastor and founder of the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, announced his departure at a special meeting on Sunday, according to the Huffington Post on April 7.

While the “moral failing” was not elaborated on, the Huffington Posts suggests that one reason may be “extramarital affairs.” He said he couldn’t go on and lead the church after his moral failings. According to the Huffington Post, it was blogger Michael Newnham who claims he has confirmation that Coy admitted to at least two affairs in the past year and has “a long standing problem with pornography.”

The church would not comment on Newnham’s blog reports. Every trace of Coy has been wiped off the websites that are affiliated with the Calvary Chapel Church. An explanation from the church as to why his images were removed basically said because they didn’t want Coy exploited.

Will the “moral failings” of Coy be handled much like other megachurches have handled scandals in the past? Usually the religious figure is sent on a sabbatical only to resurface in the future as a renewed man. The church announced that they have counselors and religious guidance set up for the Coy, who was the senior pastor of this megachurch. This is the first thing that is usually offered up, you can't get mad at a man going to get help after admitting his faults, can you?

At least Coy had the decency to quit, other megachurch leaders fight tooth and nail to keep their standing and once the dust settles, they are right back in the driver's seat.

Past megachurch scandal:

Megachurch Bishop Eddie Long’s scandal rocked the south a few years back when young boys accused him of sexual abuse, as reported back in 2010 by CNN. These were underage boys that he was accused of exploiting for his own pleasure, but it eventually went away. Eddie Long is still with his megachurch, the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

The sexual abuse claims were something that people of the church were seemingly aware of for years, as author and radio personality Reuben Armstrong wrote about this in a best selling book "Snakes in the Pulpit."

Long went on to even more controversial behavior that caught the attention of the public. One of those incidents was when Long wrapped himself up in the garb of a king during a service that that purported to crown him a “king, as seen in a CNN archived article.

Back in February of this year Long settled out of court with 13 of his followers who lost money in an alleged Ponzi-like scheme. This alleged scheme was through Long and a self-proclaimed investor guru Ephren Taylor, reports indicate. News One reported on this story stating there was an undisclosed amount of money given to the 13 church followers and neither men admitted any wrong doing in this settlement.

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