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2014 Winter Olympics

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Bob Costas taking red eye back to USA? Fabulous joke from Matt Lauer on ‘Today’

Bob Costas and Matt Lauer chat about the end of Sochi on "Today"
Bob Costas and Matt Lauer chat about the end of Sochi on "Today"
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Bob Costas has been dealing with eye problems since he arrived in Sochi. The man who many know as the face of NBC Olympics has been plagued with eye infections and even missed work. Folks in America watched the journalist suffer and then temporarily be replaced, they hoped he would get better. On Friday Bob Costas and Matt Lauer were on the Today show talking about the end of the Olympic coverage when Bob walked right into the best joke at the Olympics.

"You taking the red-eye home?" asked Matt Lauer on how Bob Costas was getting home during the Today show. After days of red swollen eyes, Costas admitted he deserved that joke and laughed out loud. "You don’t even care when I fly home, as long as I’m your set-up man.”

While the NBC Olympics coverage started off strong, there were some issues when Bob Costas wasn't at the front of the Olympic sports coverage. People loved seeing Matt Lauer and the rest of the Today show gang, but it wasn't the same. After returning to the broadcast, Bob Costas seemed to bring a certain amount of energy for the prime time coverage. It was impressive and delightful plus it was exactly what America wanted to see.

The Olympics are almost over, but it looks like Bob Costas is still fighting his infection and wore dark sunglasses to keep his eyes safe. Costas is coming home on Monday and it’s going to be life after the Olympics for many folks.