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Bob Costas gets his special eyeglasses from ‘The Ellen Show’ (photo)

Bob Costas gets special eyeglasses from Ellen DeGeneres
Bob Costas gets special eyeglasses from Ellen DeGeneres
NBC Olympics/Twitter

Bob Costas is almost finished with his Sochi Olympic coverage as the final events of the Winter Games are on Sunday. The tough broadcaster has been plagued with eye problems during his entire stay in Sochi. Known as the primetime host of NBC Olympics coverage, it hasn't been easy for the celebrity. At one point Bob Costas had to take time off to allow his eyes to rest. People around the world offered advice for Bob Costas, but one gift was particularly special. Last week Ellen DeGeneres from The Ellen Show sent Bob Costas a pair of glasses to fix his eye problem. She showed the glasses to her Burbank audience and shipped the glasses to Sochi. On Friday Bob Costas let everyone know he received the gift in Russia.

“Hey @TheEllenShow, Bob got your gift here in Sochi. Thanks for keeping an eye out! #BobsBack,” tweeted NBC Olympics on Friday from the official Twitter account. The message included a picture of Bob Costas wearing the glasses and the simple envelope addressed to the NBC sports journalist.

Even though Bob Costas eyes have been bad, it hasn't stopped him from resuming sports coverage. From the winners to the losers, Costas has been on top of all the action this week. And with those new glasses from Ellen DeGeneres he can continue his coverage without too much worry.