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Bob Costas’ eyes work; NBC host returns to Olympic coverage on Monday night

Bob Costas will return to host evening NBC Olympic coverage on Monday
Twitter/NBC Olympics

Bob Costas and his eyes are returning to work on Monday. The sports journalist has been battling pink eye in both eyes and actually had to step away from NBC Olympic coverage until he was better. Well, it appears prayers have been answered as NBC announced on Sunday that Costas will be in the studio reporting the Olympics on Monday.

“Back in action on the set today, Bob Costas returns tomorrow night!” tweeted NBC Olympics from their official Twitter account. Including a picture of the broadcaster on set, it looked like Bob might still be wearing the glasses, but his eyes are working. It also looked like he could see the teleprompter and find the camera, so his rehearsals seem to be moving forward too.

For the past week Bob Costas has been dealing with a serious eye infection in both eyes. One of the most beloved Olympic broadcasters, the man has had to step away from the desk to deal with his health issue. Over the past few days this has meant a few substitutes who have filled in for evening programming. While nobody is complaining, the viewers will agree that nobody holds a candle to Bob Costas’ enthusiasm for the Olympics.

Hopefully he will rest up those eyes and be ready for Monday’s work. America just can’t wait to see him!

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