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Bob Costas' eyes still infected? Matt Lauer covering NBC Olympics on Wednesday

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Bob Costas' eye problem has not gone away. The sportscaster has pink eye and it is now in both of his eyes leaving him sensitive to light, looking quite bad and unable to perform his nightly duties of sharing the Sochi Olympic sports on NBC. The sports journalist took off Tuesday night and in a very rare decision, he won’t be at his desk on Wednesday night either. On Tuesday morning the decision to bench Bob Costas was made official on the Today show. That’s right, Matt Lauer will be filling in once again for Bob Costas on NBC.

Bob Costas called in his decision to the morning show and Matt Lauer seemed to understand completely that his pal was still ill. While the eyes are sensitive, Costas shared that he doesn’t feel that bad overall, it’s just that his eyes are very sensitive to light and blurry and watery. The star was struggling during previous nights when in front of the cameras, so it’s obvious that the strong studio lights were not helping his condition.

Bob Costas has been at the NBC Olympic desk for over 20 years. At every Olympics he has shared with Americans the joy of winning and the agony of defeat. It’s so odd to see Matt Lauer take Bob’s spot on NBC, but not because the host can’t handle the job. It’s because the Olympics are what Bob Costas obviously loves to share with America.

Get well soon Bob Costas! America needs you back for NBC Olympic coverage.