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2014 Winter Olympics

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Bob Costas’ eye infection startles NBC Olympic viewers; host wears glasses

Bob Costas shocks fans with eye infection on NBC Olympics coverage
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Bob Costas fans weren't prepared for the 2014 Sochi Olympic debut that they got on Thursday night. It wasn't because the Olympic figure skating was slow or that that Olympic interviews were boring, but it was Bob Costas’ look. The NBC Olympic host shocked everyone with the cartoon glasses he was wearing and the eye infection America saw in HDTV was scary too. According to Yahoo Sports on Thursday, the sportscaster addressed his very obvious eye affliction and it looked like pink eye or more serious eye infection. It was impossible to miss and many people felt bad for the sports host, but in the entertainment business the show must go on.

So what happens in America when there is an obvious issue on prime time? Well, open a Twitter account and start sharing images (and opinions) of the afflicted eye. The Twitter account for the eye issue had to be right at home as social media was more interested in Costas’ eye than the President and it continued to trend all Thursday evening as people tuned in to the Olympics.

While the Sochi Games prime time wasn't affected by the look of Bob’s eye, it did go to show how quickly the social media is willing to cut down any issues of the Olympics. As anyone knows it’s easy to point out issues, especially if the goal is to make fun of the situation. It will only last for so long before in a blink of an eye, the trends of the Olympics will move on to other body parts (and hopefully a few medals won.)

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