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2014 Winter Olympics

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Bob Costas’ eye infection gets worse; Matt Lauer replacing sportscaster on NBC

Bob Costas takes the night off of Olympic coverage
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Bob Costas won’t be seen on NBC for the first time in over a decade when it comes to coverage of the Winter Olympics. The announcement came on Tuesday morning during the Today show that Matt Lauer is going to be replacing Bob Costas – temporarily – for the evening prime time show.

Apparently the decision is because the sports journalist’s eyes have become worse and he is having a considerable amount of trouble with the medical condition. The infection started in his left eye and spread to his right eye. While the broadcast on Monday looked like he was having an issue seeing, he kept on task and discussed sports. It wasn’t lost to the viewers as the eye issue was rather dramatic in HDTV.

Bob Costas taking the day off from Olympic coverage is almost unbelievable. The star of NBC’s prime time has become a big fixture in sharing the Olympics with America. While Matt Lauer is capable of sharing the news of Sochi with America, it just won’t be the same until Costas returns.

Bob Costas’ glasses have become a fixture in homes around America and so has the set that looks like Superman’s secret hideout. Even Superman needs a vacation, but everyone hopes that Costas won’t be gone too long. Hopefully Bob will get well soon!

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