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Bob Costas defends his Anti-Guncasting on Late Night TV

"There is in fact a Gun Culture, no matter how you feel about the Second Amendment or gun control leave that aside, there is a Gun Culture in sports." – Bob Costas on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

How difficult is it to figure out that anything called an assault weapon can also be used as a defense weapon?
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Yes, there is a Gun Culture, in sports as in our general society, just as there is a Car Culture, Horse Culture, Theatre Culture and even, as Costas knows full well, a Sports Culture.

All of these subcultures refer to people who are deeply involved in their chosen interests.

But these subcultures comprise far more people than just the fanatics that Costas implies. Not all people who drive cars are members of a Car Culture, or those who go horseback riding are members of the Horse Culture, or all occasional theatre-goers are rabid Theatre Culture devotees or all who watch sporting events are Sports Culture fanatics.

Yet people like Costas try to make us believe that everyone who has so much as a fleeting positive thought about citizen ownership of guns is a flaming gun nut, gun zealot, gun maniac or gun wacko who can't be trusted.

Costas defends talking anti-gun politics during his sports coverage by naming four athletes arrested on "gun-related" charges since December 2012 during halftime at Cowboy's Stadium; two for "possession" and two for murder, including the South African "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius, thereby making his "Gun Culture in sports" international in scope.

First, the act of "possession" would not be a crime in a free libertarian society.

Second, naming less than a handful of "gun-related" sports figures out of the millions of athletes worldwide is like demanding "Q-tip Control" because somebody somewhere choked to death on one of the little cotton swabbies.

Beyond the multitude of well known stereotyping and ad hominine attacks on "both sides" of the gun issue libertarians would like the gun-hating left and the cop-loving right to consider the following:

"Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War."

"500 innocent Americans are murdered by police every year (USDOJ)."

According to the National Safety Council "You’re Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist."

A 2013 Pew Research Center report estimated that only 37% of Americans own guns. That apparently makes Costas think that every one of them is a member of the "Gun Culture."

But the real fun will come when Bob Costas and his merry band of Anti-Gun Cultists try to incorporate The Liberal Gun Club into their groupthink worldview.

The greatest threat to human life is not Gun Culture; it's Government Culture.

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