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2014 Winter Olympics

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Bob Costas compares NBC's Olympic set to Superman's headquarters

Bob Costas compares NBC's Olympic set to Superman's secret hideout
Bob Costas compares NBC's Olympic set to Superman's secret hideout
Bob Costas/NBC Screenshot

Bob Costas still has an eye infection and the always professional sportscaster is sharing the 2014 Olympics with America anyway. After the shock the first night of the Olympics with Bob Costas at his NBC Sports desk explaining his problem to the world, it appeared that the strange glasses would come off soon and America would settle down on the Winter Olympics. Not so fast! According to USA Today on Saturday night, Costas addressed his eye infection issue again, suggesting the studio was being compared to the Superman’s Fortress of Solitude by some fans.

What makes Bob’s set feel like a bit of a superhero theme? Well, maybe it is the little like Superman’s secret headquarters. Doesn't that make the sportscaster that much better than the other journalists currently reporting the Olympics? I mean if he's got super reporting powers then he already knows who is bringing home the gold for America.

Add those Clark Kent classes and the world is looking at a Superman’s understudy. Well, if Superman loved the Olympics. Luckily it is the third night of Olympic competition and Bob Costas hasn't had any issues with villains. This is probably for the best because if he did have to fight crime viewers would get the chance to see Costas’ cape. And that would be completely distracting.

Get well soon Mr. Costas! The Olympic programming in America is counting on you!