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Bob Bergdahl tweets in support of releasing more Gitmo detainees

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Hours after a press conference in which he said Hailey, Idaho is "so much like Afghanistan," Bob Bergdahl, the father of Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier recently released by the Taliban in exchange for five terrorists, issued a tweet supporting the release of even more Guantanamo detainees, Twitchy reported Sunday.

"Ten years in Guantánamo: Tunisian families hope for loved ones' release," he tweeted. His message included a link to a video posted at the UK Guardian.

"Last year's revolution in Tunisia fuelled hopes that the five Tunisians held at Guantánamo can return home," the Guardian said of the video posted in 2012. "The legal action charity Reprieve represents two of them, and is lobbying the US for their release. One ex-detainee who has returned home and the families of other prisoners discuss their experiences."

Earlier, Bergdahl issued a tweet in which he said, “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen.” The tweet was deleted, but not before being captured.

A number of people took Bergdahl to task for his tweet, Twitchy said.

"Sir, the bio of these released terrorists have me concerned for America's security yet you cont. to tweet re G-mo?" one person asked.

"Traitor Bob is Tweeting about his buddies in Gitmo," another person added.

"Bob - I'm glad you got your son back. Your mission is over. Time to get off the crazy train," tweeted Twitter user "2BarkingWesties."

Several others chimed in with tweets too profane to quote here. Others suggested the blood of future victims would be on Bergdahl's hands while one person said he should "just focus on the return of your son and not consider yourself the new Gitmo Fairy Godmother."

As we reported Sunday, Bergdahl was released over the weekend in exchange for detainees considered to be among the worst held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Two of those released -- Mullah Mohammad Fazl, the Taliban army chief of staff, and Mullah Norullah Noori, a senior Taliban military commander -- are wanted by the United Nations for war crimes.

Taliban leader Mullah Omar declared the release a "big victory" in what appears to be a propaganda win for the Taliban.

A senior administration official who wished to remain anonymous acknowledged the swap did not follow the law, as Congress was not informed until after the exchange.