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Bob Bergdahl shocks the audience and reporters at the White House!

Mother and father, Jani and Bob Bergdahl
Mother and father, Jani and Bob Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl’s father, Bob, was asked to the White House this week following the exchange of his son for top terrorists at GITMO. What happened next is shocking at best!

Clare Lopez is a former CIA operations officer, a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, WMD, and counterterrorism issues. She wrote a note to Allen West: “What none of these media is reporting is that the father’s (SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s father Bob) first words at the White House were in Arabic – those words were “bism allah alrahman alraheem” – which means “in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful” – these are the opening words of every chapter of the Qur’an except one (the chapter of the sword – the 9th) – by uttering these words on the grounds of the White House, Bergdahl (the father) sanctified the White House and claimed it for Islam. There is no question but POTUS knows this.”

I agree.Since Obama speaks perfect Arabic, I’m sure he knew quite well.

As West writes, folks, there is a lot to this whole episode — like Benghazi — that we may never know. And this is not conspiracy theory, it is truth based upon Arabic and Islamic dogma and tradition.

This is just another situation, under this President, where the radical Islamists win, and American soldiers die. When Bergdahl walked away from his unit in Afghanistan, six soldiers were later killed that searched for him.

In Benghazi, POTUS never issued a CBA, a Cross Border Authority; the CBA would have immediately activated military units to rescue Americans, across the border, in Libya. By not doing so, he pulled the trigger on Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans .

In August, 2011, 30 of our Navy Seals were killed when their Chinook CH-47, a lumbering transport helicopter, was shot down over eastern Afghanistan. Relatives of some of the 30 U.S. troops said congressional testimony from U.S. military officials answered some, but not all, of their lingering questions about the single deadliest incident of the war, also known as the “Extortion 17″ tragedy. For example, who ordered an Arab Iman to speak at the funeral of our American soldiers? In this video, he damned our soldiers to hell.

This President is on the side of Islamists, not Americans. Perhaps that explains why he believes the most beautiful sound in the world is Islamic prayers at sunset.

What will Americans finally wake up and speak out?

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