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Boating safety for dogs

dog boating safety
Photo credit:  Intrepid Sailor and Dog-lover Becky Wright

Boating in South Florida is not just a way of life for the humans, but for their dogs too.  Dogs often handle cruising the intracoastal or the ocean with great enthusiasm.  Just as there is a check list for people safety at sea, there is simple list of precautions to take for the safety and comfort of your best friend.

  • dogs should always wear a size-appropriate life vest
  • a dog life vest must have a strong grab handle
  • bring fresh water for drinking
  • watch walking surfaces to protect dog paws from sharp edges, like seashells and metal, and hot fiberglass
  • bring a supply of poop bags in case your destination isn't dog-ready
  • don't forget sunscreen, or dog visors and other protective gear, and provide shade at all times
  • do not tie or leash your dog to a watercraft; if it sinks your dog will drown
  • keep your dog in your sight at all times so that he doesn't jump and not be noticed

Enjoy your water recreation - or even full-time lifestyle - with your dog.  Just as for children, learning to swim in a water-surrounded community like south Florida is not only fun, it could save your dog's life.  Spend some time at the beach, dog lake or private pool for basic swimming lessons.


  • Anne 5 years ago

    Do you have tips for boating with your dog? Share them here!

  • prinsmom 5 years ago

    it's obvious how much you love animals. keep up the great work!