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Boater education becomes mandatory in Georgia

As important as driving education, boater education is high on the priority list for safe boating operation. If you are born after January 1998 beginning July 1, 2014 boating education is mandatory by law.

Boater education becomes mandatory in Georgia

Accidents happen in an instant

It doesn’t matter what your age accidents can happen, but when you are knowledgeable of boating safety facts and limits, your chances for a safe boating experience increases. Will boater education stop all the wild traffic and unsafe boaters on the Georgia waters? Does driver’s education do that for the road?

Knowing the boating laws, rules and regulations can save a life

That life just might be your own one day. For more information on boating courses which you can do online or at home or in person. You can also earn and annual complimentary Lake Lanier Day pass by taking your boater education class. For a list of participating boating education classes visit, Annual Day Pass.

Georgia Fishing and Hunting Licenses

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