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Boat washes ashore from Japan tsunami in Washington: Odd marine life on board

A boat washed ashore in Washington State and it is believed that this boat drifted here from Japan after it was carried out to sea in the 2011 tsunami. The boat is covered in marine life, which concerns ecologists in this neck of the woods, so the boat will be inspected, according to on April 30.

Boat washes ashore in Washington State from the 2011 Japan tsunami.
Ocean Shores Police Department

The very visible marine life which attached itself to the boat for the long voyage across the Pacific Ocean raises some concerns of “invasive species” for emergency managers in Washington State. The Japanese Consulate in Seattle is assisting locals on identifying the boat, as the words that appear on the hull of this ship are Asian, according to NBC News today.

The boat really is quite the sight to see with snake like marine life covering every inch of the boat. According to Charles Wallace, deputy director of the Grays County Emergency Management Department the marine debris task force was “called into action,” after seeing the mass amount and the different types of sea life that attached itself to the boat.

According to KTLA 5, the boat, which is covered with “unusual-looking barnacles,” was handed over the U.S. Coast Guard and Grays Harbor County authorities after it came ashore Monday morning in Ocean Shores, Washington. Last week a smaller boat washed ashore, but that boat didn’t have any identifying markings. This boat can be traced and they are hoping the Japanese Consulate will assist with the identification.

As seen in the video above, other boats and objects from the Japan tsunami have washed ashore in California, Oregon and Washington State over the last year. A Harley Davidson bike was found as one of the many items to wash ashore.

When the tsunami hit Japan in 2011, the debris field was predicted to eventually hit the west coast of the U.S. and items have already come ashore. NOAA predicts that debris from the Japan tsunami will wash ashore over the next few years. Every so often something will be found along the beach from that event and this could continue for the next couple of years.

The debris are no longer in a tight field of floating junk, as they were first seen days immediately following the tsunami. The piles have dispersed and what will be seen is occasional items that were able to float their way across the Pacific.

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