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Boat from Japan tsunami washes ashore on land in Washington State

A boat from the Japan tsunami washed ashore on land in Washington State Monday. The deteriorated vessel found its way to land after traveling the Pacific Ocean for three years. Following the 2011 tsunami in Japan, countless boats, docks, and other water structures were lost at sea. New York Daily News reports April 30 that the boat showed up on the coast of Ocean Shores Monday.

Charles Wallace, deputy director of Grays Harbor County Emergency Management, said it was difficult to decipher what the markings on the boat meant. The letters on it were faded out from the harsh elements. The boat from the Japan tsunmi that washed ashore on land had a large volume of vegetation and sea life that had settled on it. Judging by the looks of it, the vessel had been underwater a very long time! Ecologists will examine the vegetation to learn if the boat came from waters around Japan.

A request will be made of the Japanese Consulate in Seattle to help identify the boat.

CBC News reports that Ecology Department spokeswoman, Linda Kent, said there hasn't been any "confirmed" tsunami debris washed ashore since last year. On April 23 a boat was discovered on Long Beach covered in seaweed and barnacles as well, according to the report.

When tsunami debris or boats appear on land, officials are eager to find out who it belongs to and get the messes taken care of. It's been an arduous process since the 2011 tsunami. The boat from the Japan tsunami that washed ashore on land in Washington is just one of many that are likely still to come.

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