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Boarding pets vs in home pet sitter

Selection of a good kennel to leave our pets in can be a very involved project. Of course we want to feel completely comfortable with the setting and care our pet will have in our absence. However, how do we find the gold standard and where do we go for that product?

There are so many different places and each has a slightly different take on what will be the hook which brings in the business. Home Now Boarding ( offers a town car pickup for the pet s. While Pet Paradise Resort ( offers the truly upscale vacation for our pets with climate controlled suites , raised bedding and a number of pet play areas with supervised play at the very least twice a day. Now ( is not a boarding residence rather it is a service to help us find the right person to sit with our pets while we are away; leaving our pet in either our home or the sitters home.

What do we know about the person who will be caring for our pet? Whether in our house or in a kennel or private home, is there a concern regarding the character and personality of our pets sitter? There are some ways to reassure ourselves that our pets are being cared for in a particular way using a nanny cam and or a legal document ( It would seem leaving our pets in someone else’s’ care is proving to be a close second to leaving a child in someone else’s care.

The solution it seems would be to begin with our Vet. It stands to reason if we trust this person to provide medical care for our pet; we would trust them to care for our pet or give us advice regarding other establishments or individuals providing the service. One thing is certain, this is a job which takes some time and searching out for the right stars to line up. Find this establishment early on and continue to check with the Better Business Bureau and your Vet regarding the standard of care.

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