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Board of Land Management savagely tasered and slaughtered Cliven Bundy’s cattle

Cattle being herded back to Bundy ranch
Cattle being herded back to Bundy ranch

Operation American Spring is being organized for a May 16th march on Washington, D.C., and timing couldn’t be better. The goals of OAS are to remove un-American leaders in Washington D.C. and restore America to a nation of laws.

The serious situation at the Bundy ranch in Nevada has awakened more Americans to the real threat from our government. The lies from this administration that the federal government was protecting a tortoise were just that…lies. In fact, the government is killing thousands of them. And they haven’t been too kind to the Bundy’s animals.
According to friends of the Cliven Bundy family, they owned approximately 900 head of cattle. The armed BLM soldiers stole around 320. They killed 130 female cows and calves; even shot 2 bulls. Neighbors spoke to Sandy (Bundy) Hardy over the weekend, and were told that many of the cows and calves had broken ribs and legs. A vet was on scene ready with 20lbs of formula for the calves and separated the injured calves from the rest of the herd. They were taken to a facility to be nursed back to health before their return to the range.

The Bundy family, when they were able to examine their cattle, documented that the cows AND calves were tasered in the face. According to the BLM website, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) may best be described as a small agency with a big mission: To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.” It would seem that torturing and killing cattle doesn’t fall under that mission.

The BLM and Park Rangers also destroyed the head that feeds water from the mountain to the corrals, and they busted pipes throughout the property so water could not travel to corrals. They set fires to a number of corrals, making them unusable. What happened to the Bundy’s and their cattle was completely ILLEGAL. Governor Sandoval publicly stated that the Bundy's PAID was Clark County WHO REFUSED TO CASH THE CHECKS.

America needs to wake up. This outright theft of property and destruction of livelihood is happening right now in Texas & Utah. It’s the right time for the American spring, for Americans to march and let this regime know they’re not gonna take it anymore.

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