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Bo Pelini: Marijuana use is out of control in society

Bo Pelini roaming the sidelines during big game
Bo Pelini roaming the sidelines during big game
Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

There’s been a lot of talk about the use of marijuana among athletes. On Friday, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini took time at the Big Red Breakfast and took a monumental stance against marijuana use. According to the Omaha World-Herald, there were 250 people in attendance, and Bo Pelini stated that “it’s a real problem out there.”

Bo Pelini went so far to say that the use of marijuana is a societal issue as a whole. He stated that marijuana is not only used in high school and college, but it’s also a problem in junior high and grade school.

There will be plenty of people that disagree with him, while saying that Josh Gordon should was rightfully suspended for the year, because he knew the rules. However, that could be the precise point that Bo Pelini is trying to make. Apparently, Josh Gordon knew the ramifications of his actions, but he was still willing to be around “weed” with a full season on the line.

Bo Pelini also reiterated that he’s fortunate about his program at Nebraska. While he says marijuana use is rampant in college dorms, he’s proud that drug use is not an issue for the Nebraska football team.

It’s a problem that he feels needs too be fixed, however, it looks like many of the marijuana laws are changing, including two states that have totally legalized the plant.With that said, these comments could come back to haunt him if one of his players gets caught smoking marijuana in the near future.

One look at Bo Pelini on the sidelines, and you can tell he is not an avid marijuana smoker. The Nebraska Cornhuskers have their first game on Saturday 3:30 p.m. against FAU. The Huskers are at home and favored to win by 22 points.

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