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Bo Dallas needs to get far more sinister to draw real heat from WWE fans

According to a June 3 report from Cageside Seats, Bo Dallas is one of the WWE's fast-rising new superstars. Shortly after making his debut on WWE Smackdown with a match against Sin Cara, Dallas received the star treatment with a spot on the WWE Payback pay-per-view. Dallas, 24, was also interviewed backstage by Cesaro, one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE.

Bo Dallas should get more underhanded to draw heat from WWE Universe
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Things are on the up and up for Dallas, the former NXT champion. The initial reaction from WWE Universe has been mostly positive, as Dallas' over-the-top optimism seems to be a gimmick that fans are enjoying. But if Dallas is to ever be the WWE's top heel, he'll need to do something truly sinister. So far, WWE fans haven't had much reason to boo Dallas besides his silly pre-match "Tebowing" and post-bout victory laps.

Being super positive is a tough gimmick for the WWE to sell for a heel. Typically, its the babyface characters who convey positive messages. Dallas seems to be pulling the character off so far, by trolling fans with his signature "Bo-lieve" chant and annoying people with his creepy smile. He drew some heat from fans on hand in Indianapolis for the most recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, by telling them LeBron James and the Miami Heat beat the Pacers because they "Bo-lieved."

His eerie smile and annoying personality also helps sell the character, but so far he hasn't done anything that would put him over the top as a major heel. At WWE Payback, Dallas told an unconscious Kofi Kingston that he's going to get back on his feet in no time and that he should "Bo-lieve." Besides that, he hasn't done anything truly underhanded.

The WWE hasn't scripted Dallas to get into any feuds yet with any of the promotion's top babyfaces. An interesting story might be for Dallas to help Cody Rhodes build his confidence back up, following The Brotherhood's recent split. Sin Cara took Rhodes' place in The Brotherhood, teaming with Goldust to become the WWE's hottest new tag-team.

It only makes sense for the WWE to team Rhodes up with Dallas, for a tag-team that could draw major heat. If not, the WWE may want to continue to push Dallas as a singles star to see if he can draw enough heat to become a pay-per-view draw. It's too early to tell what the WWE will do with him, but the promotion has plenty of options.

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