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BMW window: BMW parked at fire hydrant gets fire hose through window

A BMW had its window smashed by firefighters in Boston who were battling an 8-alarm blaze on April 9. According to ABC News, the BMW was parked illegally in front of a fire hydrant so firefighters did what they had to do: They ran the water hose right through the front seats of the car, breaking both front windows.

"The general reaction is that some people find humor in it but it’s really a serious situation. That water supply is the lifeblood of the engine company. The engine carries 750 gallons – and that could be gone in just two minutes. With that number of alarms, every hydrant is important," said Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald (via ABC News).

The BMW window will not be covered by insurance meaning that the car's owner is responsible for forking out the cash. In Boston, there is a law that states no one can park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. Obviously the owner of the car thought it would be no big deal to park in front of a hydrant (no one's going to say anything, right?). The driver was given a parking ticket and the car was also towed.

Thankfully no one was injured in the fire but seven people have been displaced. The fire is believed to be have been caused by strong winds.

The BMW window is sort of the least of the problems here. Check out the video above to see photos of the fire hose going through the car.

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