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BMW introduces the ActiveE at the Detroit Auto Show, but what would 'The Jetsons' do?



  • Beddy9 6 years ago

    Also, is there room for an 'I love tortillas' bumper sticker on the new one? Me thinks not.

  • Peter 3 years ago

    BMW is known for its outstanding engine performance and sleek exterior designs. It is categorized towards the high-end continental cars and consumers drive it mostly due to its reputation and proven excellence in its peformance delivery. Due to that standard of status, I am pretty certain it is not tough at all for the new ActiveE to reach a broad target audience and please them too. However, I do agree about the exterior. I think that there should be a list of alternative paintjobs that the car dealer could present the clients with as a package/bundle to come with their purchase.
    Peter -

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