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BMW Cars and Certified Mechanics

BMW Repair and Service
BMW Repair and Service
Conaway Motors

BMW cars are designed to primarily operate as performance vehicles. They apply an intricate approach to vehicular mechanics with a focus on producing a reliable engine that can run hard on a daily basis without showing much in the way of wear and tear. This is due in part to the original environment these cars are built to operate in which includes Germany's Autobahn, where there is no speed limit and drivers commute regularly as fast as they want to.

The German approach to building a car is very different from domestic and Asian made vehicles, even comparable models. Everything from the engine block position to how the parts are connected can be very distinct from what's seen in other more standard vehicles. Due to the complexity of design, specific parts required, and the particular mechanical nuances inherent of BMW vehicles, it is essential when service or repair is required that all work is completed by a professional BMW mechanic. A general auto mechanic should typically be able to identify what may be causing issues according to the vehicle on-board computer, but still may be at a loss about how to go about actually fixing the car.

"Service completed by a properly-trained repair shop is what keeps BMW's running far longer than those repaired at any nearest car repair shop", according to Alvin Kielow, owner of Conaway Motors. “BMW vehicles are unlike any car in that they utilize specific parts, technology, and components from an oil filter to the interior that require a BMW certified technician to be able to identify and correct as needed.” Conaway Motors provides qualified BMW Repair and Service in Everett, Washington.

BMW cars are, by their very nature, performance cars. This means they frequently have a turbo engine design which doesn't do well used as a regular commuter car, and can be expensive to operate on a daily basis. The throttle body and intake can easily become clogged with half-burnt carbon which in turn degrades the performance of the car, especially at lower speeds and idle. A badly-running engine will die out repeatedly as a result, and affect the performance and efficiency of your vehicle negatively. Trained and qualified BMW mechanics can identify these problems immediately, cleaning out the engine parts before they start to become a problem. A general mechanic not experienced in BMW repair may not know what are common issues seen in BMW cars as opposed to a certified BMW mechanic who knows what to expect in great detail.

If a car undergoes rigorous testing by multiple teams of German engineers to arrive at its final design, why should the repair service for the same vehicle provide any less quality? Selecting to utilize a service shop that is not up-to-date or trained on the correct BMW repair procedures can result in a number of issues that can end up costing the owner more in stress, time, and finances. Using generic parts or the wrong parts can cause the car to malfunction or perform poorly. Installing the wrong consumable parts such as gaskets can cause the vehicle to have to be repaired more often and frequently. Finally, just trying to figure out how to make something work for the first time could ultimately result in far more serious damage to the car, raising the overall cost of repair to get it running right again. And, unfortunately, some repair shops won't admit ahead of time that that is still fairly new at working on German cars versus other brands.

Fortunately, good BMW-trained mechanics don't necessarily need to be found at BMW car dealerships only. There are a number of mechanics and car repair businesses with the requisite training and knowledge who can handle BMW repairs properly. They have the tools and the experience to know what is not working right in BMW and what steps need to be taken, as well as what maintenance should be followed to avoid the problem in the future.

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