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Blush made simple

Model displaying a beautiful sheen glow wearing a peach cream blush
Model displaying a beautiful sheen glow wearing a peach cream blush

Are you guilty of being intimated by blush?  Some women are; not to worry.  If you familiarize yourself with proper techniques and what shades work best for you your sure to become comfortable in no time and soon love wearing it.  Blush can make a statement or it can look natural and soft.  Blush trends differ from decade to decade and have a broad history.  In the 20s women were seen wearing their blush, or rouge, in a circular shape directly on the apples of their cheeks.  Women of the 30s started applying their blush swept along the cheekbone, where in the 40s the two looks were combined.  In the 50s blush was not worn as bold or as often.  Not until the 60s and 70s was blush applied to other areas other than just the cheeks.  It became acceptable to wear it sparingly along the hairline and jawline.  The 70s were definitely the blush decade.  It was then where different shade of color other than red were introduced.  The 80s and 90s kept it modest and women felt freer to experiment and not just take beauty tips from their mother and grandmothers.  Blush today has a vast variety of shades and textures sure to compliment every women.  Feeling comfortable yet?  Well, if history doesn't spark your interest maybe a few techniques tips and knowledge on some different types of blush will do the trick.

Whats a carpenter without their hammer?  Or a doctor without their prescription pad?  The right tools are essential in any line of work you do.  Don't think of applying your makeup as work, but do understand that proper application of your makeup relies on using the correct tools.  You don't have to spend a fortune but do invest on a good quality brush.  If you take care of your brushes they will last a lifetime.  It's not wrong to use the same type of brush for your powders, blushes and bronzers, but there are specific brushes intended for separate use and flawless coverage.  The angled brush allows the application of color exactly where you want while defining your cheekbones.  The flat brush gives a sculpted look and the point allows smooth coverage to the jawline and other areas.  The rounded brush is the best type for exact even coverage along your optical bone and the balls of your cheeks.  The contour brush works similar to the angled brush.  The contour brush had thinner bristles and really sculpts your features well.

As well as different types of brushes there are also different types of blushes.  Our most popular form of blush, powder, is a very good blending blush that glides on effortlessly on the skin.  Since this article is not about foundation or setting and priming your makeup we won't get into that, but do make sure you have a proper base when applying powder.  Color tends to grab onto skin and may result in a blotchy appearance if not properly set.  Try not to apply your blush with the tip of the bristles, it will result in a heavy application of color.  You want to gradually build up your color so using the side of your brush is best.  The flat brush is the ideal for this.  Applying a gentle sweep through the cheekbones to the hairline will frame your features.  If using a professional contoured brush begin at the hairline then follow underneath the cheekbone.  If you are using a round brush and applying a highlighter or color to the apples of your cheeks using the tip of the brush is okay but make sure to pat off the excess powder before applying. We don't want to look like Raggedy Ann.  Remember, translucent powder can fade any blush mistake.  Cream blush can be applied with tools or with the fingers.  Cream blush can glide on naked skin so you don't necessarily need to prime.  Cream blush gives a beautiful glow that is complementary.  Don't apply directly to your cheekbone, start on the apples and blend blend blend.  There is also a liquid stain blush on the market.  It gives a shiny glow as well and feels soft to the touch.  The application is practically the same as with cream blush.  Do be careful with stain blush if you are not very familiar with the product test it on your skin to get comfortable with it.  There's nothing worse than making a makeup mistake when the rest of your makeup is looking good.  Gradually build up the color because the color pigments of stain blush can be rather rich.

Rather your hanging out with the girls for a night on the town or just getting ready to go to a dentist appointment you should always have fun with your makeup.  You don't have to be a glamour queen around the clock, there are thousands of products to help you create simple natural looking looks also.  No matter if your a diva, a busy mother, a career woman or a teenager there's something made just for you to try.  There are many professionals in the field to answer your questions you may have, or just to give a few pointers.  Remember to try new things and be creative there's no limit to being fabulous.