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Blur Studios officially releases Deadpool 'test footage'

Following the "leak" yesterday concerning the "test footage" of the Deadpool movie, Blur Studios decided to set the record straight; it's real, and now in hi-res.

Back in 2009, Ryan Reynolds brought live-action The Merc with the Mouth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Besides the great lack of screen time, and the disappointing ending (among other disappointments) fans had with the film, it proved that a faithful Deadpool portrayal could be possible with Reynolds at the helm.

In 2011, we got the first real tease when Tim Miller, through Blur Studios, was tapped to direct a possible film, but very little other than speculation had surfaced since that date. Now with two solid minutes of cross CGI-animated Deadpool taking to the highway to stop what we can only assume is a random encounter with "bad guys" in this context, we get a first hand look at what might be. The verdict? It's actually great.

While the use of strong language and violence that encompasses this tease will almost certainly earn the movie a spicy R-rating, the natural comedy, narcissistic ego on Reynold's character combined with his snark-filled personality will almost certainly give the film the push it needs to get in the door as one of the best comic book adaptions. At the very least, it'll be the most faithful. From what we've seen so far here at Examiner, Ryan Reynolds was most certainly born to play this part. His full immersion into the character of Wade Wilson/Deadpool, along with his charisma make it a seamless joy ride. It's funny, it's smart, it's action-packed, and it looks just kosher enough to be outside of the explicit hardcore narrative that carried Kick-Ass and it's sequel to being thought of as gory and violent for the sake of being violent without sacrificing the plot.

One thing that really steals the audiences attention is the fact that the character knows he's in the movie. Wade isn't just narrating the picture, he displays no problem breaking the fourth wall, and communicating with the audience directly; normally an inauspicious device that could end in disaster, for a Deadpool flick, it's spot on, and we couldn't be happier. It may not be the traditional Hollywood way of going at a movie, but it certainly will stand out against the backdrop of many "traditional" and even a few generic superhero-action films we've seen over the last few years.

Until we see some brushed up trailers, and maybe a few clips if the studio is feeling in a generous mood, we won't have a great idea of how the finished product will turn out, and if this little taste is an accurate figure to go off of. One thing is for sure, this little bit is more than enough to hold fans over the in-between, and it's sure to spark excitement as Blur progresses further into production.

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