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Blunt/Carnahan race has implications for Jackson County and Missouri

Democrat Robin Carnahan is often portrayed as the tassel haired down-to-earth farmer’s daughter type who just happens to be in politics. But her carefully groomed image belies a left-leaning Obama-loving heir to what was once considered a local political dynasty.

Her opponent for the vacated U.S. Senate seat is the veteran Republican Roy Blunt. In a war of often harsh and misleading TV ads, Carnahan routinely characterizes Blunt as the ultimate insider suit who courts corruption, political deals and pork barrel spending.

While Blount continues to lead in the polls, various left-friendly newspapers and media continue to hammer him with subtle and not so subtle hype in favor of Carnahan. But in Missouri, that is to be expected.

Yet, most Missourians seem to be fed-up with Carnahan and her socialist Democrat ilk. They can see through her good-old-girl façade and generalities, and see the slick career politician she has become.

While many conservatives might wish for a purer and less jaded representative that Blunt, they do realize that he still holds to most conservative values and will unquestionably be a better choice than Robin (Obama ditto) Carnahan when standing up against the current debacle in Congress and Washington.

True, Blount may have a tough time winning Jackson County (a traditional yellow-dog realm) and the St. Louis area, but the rest of the state should be able to lead him to victory. Certainly, Blount would be change we could believe in.


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