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Bluetooth-enabled gaming chair made from recycled cardboard

Video games ruined my LIFE!!! Thankfully I have 2 left
Video games ruined my LIFE!!! Thankfully I have 2 left

With the explosion of apps and gaming on small handheld devices reaching a peak, the small tinny speakers that are implanted inside the devices haven't been able to compete. The rise of headphones and bluetooth devices has taken advantage of this trend and are striving to join the rage with great success and the gaming chair has been a welcome addition.

Gaming chairs drive the gamer even deeper into the action with the thump of the bass inside the chair adding a third dimension to the game, and with bluetooth's wireless aspect the chair really gives you the freedom to live those victories/defeats to their true extent but is the cost really worth the thrill.

Wired gaming chairs will run you a couple hundred dollars at least, and even though they are compact and easy to store they aren't really the most durable chair and will cause you some grief to replace. But using recycled materials to build your own can make for a pleasant experience, but will take some time and effort.

First you will need at least 100 sheets of cardboard 30x30, non-food grade to reduce unwanted bugs and smells. The dimensions I used for my chair are as follows:


Height 26 inches

Deep 10 inches


Height 8 inches

Length 20 inches

Cut all pieces into the base shape and push together to test for fit. Trim where needed.

Next you need a small rechargeable blue tooth speaker. I found one at Walgreens for thrity dollars that fit perfectly into the base so then you need to cut the cardboard to fit your speaker

Push all cardboard together and measure the width of the speaker insert on the back of the chair.

Take out side pieces that are unaffected and glue them together with wood glue.

Notch each affected piece to fit speaker, then cut cut every other piece to create a trench filtering the music toward the head of the chair.

Glue notched and trenched pieces alternately to create vents for music to travel while still holding the integrity of the chair. Let dry.

Charge your blue tooth speaker and let the play begin! I don't currently have pictures of the finished product for this posting but if you wish to visit the real thing come on down to booth #844 at the Central Florida Home and Garden show where it will be on display with four other DIY projects that you can take home... For free! I will be manning the Do-It-Yourself booth at the show and we have some great booths to visit this spring so just make a day of it.

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